About me

Ever since I was put in charge of my parents’ Olympus Trip 35 on family holidays, I’ve been passionate about photography. As things have progressed from hobby to career, that passion hasn’t waned.

Different types of photography present different challenges. I do a lot of architectural photography and I’m often standing around on my own waiting for the light to be just right for a specific composition – thankfully, I really like buildings!  

But photographing people, and specifically weddings, presents all manner of challenges – light, weather, time, uncooperative guests (!), equipment issues, etc.  All wrapped up in one day; there’s no coming back tomorrow to see the same building.

I treat every wedding booking as a huge privilege.  Not only do I enjoy tackling all of the above challenges, but I also get to share in your big day and be the one to illustrate it and make you smile afterwards. All through doing something that I’m enormously passionate about.  That’s what makes the job so incredibly rewarding.

What to expect from me

My feeling is that a wedding photographer should expect to play a number of key roles during the big day. Unless you have a wedding coordinator directing events throughout the day, a photographer is often the one ‘official’ who remains in place for the whole duration – a priest’s or registrar’s duties are complete when the ceremony ends, after all.

For that reason, wedding photographers should be well organised, excellent planners and time-keepers, able to lead and direct, and also feel comfortable making requests of guests – after all, photographers are there at the bride and groom’s request, and capturing your images is the number one priority. Photographers should also be top communicators.

My background as a senior communications project manager (in a whole other walk of life!) means that you can expect all of the above from me.

I plan meticulously and will be in regular communication with you in the lead up to the big day making sure that itineraries are agreed and confirmed, etc.  I work to the agreed timetable for the day, using printed notes that I carry with me all the time. I will help you feel at ease while directing any staged formal portraits, helping them to feel and look natural. And of course, I am polite, friendly and professional at all times, especially around your guests.  I have a great sense of humour and am very good at talking to people and putting them at ease if they feel slightly awkward in front of the camera.

You can expect me dressed smartly but leaning towards casual – usually dark smart jeans, shoes, shirt and a plain waistcoat.  I find it much easier to operate freely and creatively dressed that way than I do when done up to the nines in my best suit!

My style

Photography styles differ greatly and this is the aspect that you should consider the most when choosing your photographer.

My photographic style can best be described as subtle, creative, natural and slightly retro / vintage.  I won’t bring a whole load of lighting kit and I steer away from the ultra glossy look. I like details, quirks, interesting views / sightlines, quiet moments, scale, and creative portraits.

I’m a creative person in general and in a photography sense, I’m drawn to compositions and ideas that are inspired by my interests in film, graphics, etc – especially with the bridal and couple portraits.  I like to look for the extraordinary, whether that’s in the composition itself, or the background.

You’ll get a good idea of my style from the Portfolio page on this website, but I’d be more than happy to discuss it in more detail with you if you have specific questions.

I try to work unobtrusively during all of the formal aspects, but for the informal times I’ll get a bit more involved in the action. I find this a better approach than standing on the sidelines and zooming in from afar. I’m friendly and personable, and always ready to talk to guests and put them at ease if I think they look or feel a little awkward in front of the camera.

I always try to use natural light where possible because I feel this gives a truer representation of the day. I also think it injects a bit more atmosphere into your photographs, too. However, I will use a flash if the weather / light requires it.